My Favorite Podcasts #TryPod

Tuesday, 13 Mar, 2018

I’m late to the party, but the Podcasts I listen to have been asking listeners to share their favorites on Social Media, so here goes.

I live in Japan. Although there’s English news here, I like radio, and Podcasts are a great way to keep up with what is going on outside our little archipelago. We’re pretty cloistered here.

For the last couple of months, Podcast producers have been asking for shares, including the hashtag #TryPod, so I thought I would list up the ones I love to listen to. I can’t stand queuing, but we do a lot of it while waiting for trains, so, podcasts come in handy. Also great for the train ride itself, too.

You can subscribe to these podcasts from Apple iTunes, apps like Overcast or Castro on iPhone (I don’t have an Android but there are a bunch of apps you can use like “BeyondPod”, “Stitcher Radio” and others), or on apps from the podcast producers, like NPR’s “NPR One” app.

My Favorite Podcasts

In no particular order:

From NPR

Here’s NPR’s directory, and among those, I love:

From PRX

PRX sponsors a curated group of podcasts called “RadioTopia”, which keeps me deep into listening material such as gems like:

From CIR and PRX

PRX and the Center of Investigative Reporting co-sponsor a great one:

From WNYC Studios

WNYC produces many beloved podcasts. Read more at their site, but here’s my heavy rotation:

From WBEZ Chicago

How could I forget Ira Glass team’s stories “in three acts”. I love these Podcasts from WBEZ:

… and you can learn more at the WBEZ website.


No less important, but here are a handful of other great ones:

And that’s a wrap. If you’ve not got into podcasts, check out the ones above. You’re sure to branch out and find other ones you love, among the great content that’s being produced these days. Enjoy!

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